What is pushXpro™ ?

pushXpro™ in detail

Increases the complexity and difficulty of performing push-ups by requiring the body to react to eccentric forces to keep the body balanced
Increases dynamic movements to target small and large muscle group in the arms, upper body, back, and core
Allows for the natural rotation of the arms during the push-up, and reduces the load and stress on the wrist and arm joints
Height of the grip above the contact surface provides an increased vertical range of motion
Strength-tested design of the handle supports provides supreme structural capacity for dynamic use

pushXpro™ will enhance
your exercise experience

Increase the vertical and lateral range of motion
Enable better engagement of the upper extremities through stabilization
Strengthen large and small stabilizer muscles
Engage and strengthen core and ab muscles
Enable the rotation of the forearms during the push-up
Reduce the load and stress on the wrists and forearms from hyperextension

Who is behind pushXpro™ ?

Dan Delisle

Dan Delisle is a husband, father, Professional Civil Engineer, technical author, sports enthusiast, and fitness devotee. Dan is experienced with a wide range of sports including motocross, soccer, baseball, rock climbing, and mountain biking. To pursue these sports at a high level, Dan is an avid fitness participant and attends climbing gyms often. Dan has many high-profile rock climbs under his belt, including several climbs in Yosemite, CA.


  • Jeremy Corbell

    President and Founder of Warrior Yoga and the Quantum Jujitsu Foundation, high-ranking black belt of jujitsu and renowned yoga instructor
  • Brian Schwartz

    Owner, Undisputed Boxing Gym, San Carlos, CA: World Champion National Black Belt in three weight classes and holder of several professional kickboxing titles
  • Brian Steidle

    Former Captain in the USMC and an operations expert. Product and prototype development for Military and Government Programs
  • Jim Mielke

    Owner, Mielke Product Design, San Jose, CA: Industrial and mechanical computer-aided design specialist
  • Marika Minczeski

    Certified Professional Occupational Therapist with Masters of Occupational Therapy from Samuel Merritt University, Oakland, CA

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